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K1 Floors achieve maximum durability with minimal effort. Even at a thickness of 5 mm it is permanently resilient like high-quality parquet or soft natural stone…

K-1 floor surfaces are suitable for residence, showroom, gallery’s etc . The basis for these floor is the designer leveling compound of K-1 with GFS sealer system application. The protection system makes the floor resistant to abrasion,fading,stains etc and gives it a subtle sheen.

K-1 is not just a floor! Through the individual employment of the colour hues, shades, aggregate, iridescent effects and techniques every floor comes to life and starts to mould the room. Floors can be matched individually to the particular requirements. They can exude warmth like parquet, or appear rustic like handcrafted floor.

K1 Floors

K2 was created as a result of its solid and extremely durable structure for floors. K2 has a unique texture and consistency. the product is designed for use in residential and commercial areas.

The material is based on the traditional technique of hand crafted, self design floor. What sets it apart is the singular composition of material which gives the flooring a unique rustic look. K-2 consists of a white, shrinkage compensated binding agent, which may be coloured using pigments, and mineral additives . This gives the flooring a much more lively structure compared to its more classic counterparts. Perfect for designers looking for a more structured, creative, yet homogeneous material, for highly-frequented public areas.

  • Superior Quality and Craftsmanship
  • Quality and Value to the Projects We Deliver
  • Highest Standards in Cost Control

K2 Floors

GFX floors is a blend of imported Ardex cements and carefully selected imported decorative aggregates. Its unique attribute makes full floor-wall-ceiling wrap possible, in the same color and textural quality.

GFX floor is a new generation of designer flooring. Its singularity lies in the installation techniques. It is a stylish, quick and economic alternative to traditional flooring.

GFX floors can be hand crafted in multiple ways. The textural quality of the floor can vary from super smooth to rough. In addition the floors are available in various colours, single/double tones. The floors can be customized to achieve any specific look. . Incorporation of aggregate can make GFX floors look luxurious. The aggregates used in GFX are brought in from all parts of the world and lend the floors a truly international appearance.

GFX requires no curing and can be polished in about 24 hours, the final product can be achieved in a relatively much shorter span.

As GFX is a near shrinkage free system, large panel size can be achieved without any joints. As the system achieves high early strength the floor can be used within a short span of time.

The system is designed to accept printing, inlays and engraving. Floor prints (any design) are protected from delamintion/abrasion through high build GFS sealer protection system.

Gfx floors

GFX walls and ceiling finishes are ideal for creating individual worlds and can be designed to give every room a special feel.

Greenheart GFX walls much like GFX floors come in multiple colours and textural characters. Ceilings, walls and floors can be designed with consistency in mind, using the same exclusive look. It can be coloured to any shade and provides a variety of design possibilities – from elegant and smooth, to a highly textured slate effect by using dramatic stroke techniques. Other materials can also be incorporated. What all designs have in common is a luxuriant feel. The finished product has proved itself to be extremely hard-wearing. GFX walls and ceilings create the desired effect of modern industrial look, coupled with sculptured elegance.

GFX is truly an artistic material to be used on wall and ceilings as if they were canvases.

GFX turn walls into high quality design elements giving each space a unique feel.

The wall is also very functional. When treated with GFS sealer system, the surface is durable, stain resistant and easy to clean.

Gfx Walls

Resin enriched panomo terrazzo is the ideal choice for decorative flooring which can be installed seamless.For fast, economic and creative work with a local flair. Resin enriched Terrazzo Basic defines a whole new generation of decorative flooring which can be individually designed and sanded, maintaining their unique characters thanks to the addition of local additives. It offers the perfect solution for designers looking for a structured and creative, yet sophisticated, elegant and stylish surface material.

Practical use and a chic image are what make resin enriched PandomoTerrazzo stand out as a real all rounder in the flooring world, leaving its mark in residential and commercial applications, meeting even the toughest demands and still remaining an individual furnishing element for aesthetic surroundings.

GRC Terrazzo