Over 15 Years Experience

The company has to its credit over one million square feet of installed floor and wall finishes. These installations have been done in some of the most prestigious projects across India viz- Oracle, WeWork, Flipkart, Coca Cola, Facebook, Amazon, Reliance brands ltd, GAP, GE and many more. Repeat business constitutes a large chunk of our overall turnover, thereby endorsing the high standards of workmanship and service.

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Best Materials

Best Materials

All the flooring and wall finishing engineered concrete are imported from ARDEX. The protection systems are specially designed for heavy traffic movement, The sealer systems (GFS) are proprietary formulations of Greenheart Floors Pvt Ltd. The decorative additives used are imported from Italy and Spain.

the ingredients make the difference.

Handcrafted in India using only the finest raw materials and environmentally responsible manufacturing practices. Materiality matters.

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why concrete

With an unwavering passion and commitment to concrete innovation, concrete collaborative have been at the forefront of the transition from its industrial roots to a sophisticated finish for the A&D community.

environmental story

Sustainability is at our core. Our product + process are both environmentally preferable.

Greenheart Floors

Grown into a company with Pan India presence in less than a decade.